I would love to be a caterer

Sooo tomorrow (2-26-12) I’m catering a function for a church in Williamsburg, for about 200-250 people who all remember me from last year when I cooked for them. You see last year I did this same event for them “Black history month program “. They have different stations set up around the church for people to learn about the African American culture and at each station they have a food item for them to taste. Last year I did gen tso chicken wings, dirty rice , watermelon sorbet And these rib things .. End of the day they loved all of the food and I gained lots of valuable experience for my future in catering. This year I’m doin the gen tso chicken wings again .. My signature baked ziti, peach and raisin bread pudding , smoked pulled pork , and my sisters delicious carrot cake. I’m hoping I get the same response as last year , I truley put my heart & soul into every thing that I cook, and the comments and lip smackin and the recipe request always reassure that I’m doing the right thing.

So to start this project .. I met with the church event board and they gave me creative freedom to form the menu that I wanted to serve , and what I presented to them they loved ! So my task then was to make and Inventory sheet of the ingredients I would need and to start pricing all the items. Since I am a glorified same club member I took to the store with clipboard in hand comparing prices and working out my numbers so that I could produce a budget to bring to the church board .

After days of inventory I finally received money to begin my shopping. Since I’m a normal person and don’t have a back up fridge lol .. I used 2 huge igloo coolers to keep all my prep fresh . First I smoked my pork butts and pulled them and mixed with that delicious sweet baby rays sauce that black people loveeeee ha . Next I prepped my chicken wings ..all 530 of them !! After they were cleaned and seasoned I portioned them in ziplock. Bags and out them on ice .. I pre seasoned my chicken flour so it’s ready to go … Next I put together my baked ziti making sure I had the right sauce to pasta to cheese ratio and par baking it so it wi be easy to reheat.. Next a couple hours of baking carrot cake ( mostly just helping my sister .. I can’t stand baking ) the. I took a much needed. Nap around 7 .. Woke up around 9 ish watched a Lil of the lack luster all star events then went to begin soaking my bread pudding ..

And that brings me to now its 2:06 am I’m fighting sleep Cause of that damn nap ,, and am just going through my head my schedule for the function .. But I guess I need to get some rest know so I can perform at the high level I need to ..

Bon appetit ‘ good night

Ps: If u read this leave Lil comment thanks !



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