All good things must come to an end …

Sooo on Tuesday morning I had orientation for my new job , which was pretty much 6 hours of watching sexual harassment, food safety , and protocol videos .. Then signing my name about 60 times on all of the forms and such that needed to be filled. I then took a tour of the hotel .. From the penthouse suites to the spa to the kitchen to the management offices , I am definitely in a good place, not better but definitely good. So after this oreintation .. I still had to work at my current job ..where I had to do one of the most hardest things I’ve had to do in my entire life . I had to to tell my boss , my chef , my friend & and my mentor that I was leaving him after 6 great years under his wing. When i told him it looked like I had hit him in the stomach I felt bad . But it was something that I had to do for myself and for the better of my career. People ask me why I would leave my job for a “less superior ” Job … But I see it as taking 2 steps back to get 5 steps forward.

So for the past two days I have been making my rounds throughout the hotel telling all the great co workers that i have came so close too , that I would be leaving in a few weeks.. Every expression has been the same .. Shock , telling me I’m kidding , and acknowledging me that I will be missed an wishing me the best . I love my hotel and everyo….. Most of the people in it , I came there a 17 year old punk right out o highschool who couldn’t even slice a tomato !!! And I’m leaving what I believe a well seasoned cook at 23. Most of all I’m goin to miss the relationships that I have built there .. My partner In crime waller, the sister i never had Melz and the drunk uncles that talks shit like no other .. Bubba Watson and billy boy . I have reached out to the brust and let him know that I would like to work part time in the busy months .. I hope we can work something out .

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