A new beginning ..

So this morning I had to do something very difficult , for starters I started my new job full time , training on brunch , and when the chef strolled in I had to inform him that I had two give Him my two week notice after just 5 days of working. This place was certainly a step. Down from my previous job At the resort , and I had dumbed myself down for the wrong reasons.

I had a good talk with two of my mentors and they let me no that the decision was not a smart one and that I need to move forward instead of moving back . The one thing that changed my over all spectrum was when he ask me if I was challenged at the new place .. And if I wasn’t I didn’t need to be there , and then handed me an application . Right after the meeting with them .., I went to work the dinner shift at the new restaurant .. And it was literally a breeze .. The food was simple , nothing was outside of my knowledge .. I had the entire menu down in a shift and a half .. And after that night I knew what I had to do…

So with my new plan in tact that I would come and join the team with my mentors / family . The next thing to do was to break it to the chef . After talking to some of my colleagues the proper thing to do would be to give him a two week notice to not burn bridges. So when the time came , I sat with the chef in his office and explained to him the situation, and. His reaction which I should have expected really shocked me . He told me that I was a big waste of time and that young kids today jump at any oppurtunity thrown their way . And that going to work a free standing private restaurant I would not be able to grow or move up there. After this point I had apologize for doing this and told him I didn’t mean to disrespect him and then I offered to give home two weeks ..and he shot me down by saying that I didn’t have to finish my shift today and that I could leave now. Which really took me by surprise .. Mainly cause they are crazy busy this week .. I was scheduled 12 hours tomorrow and 14 hours the next day for a salad entree and dessert plated dinner for 3000 people . So I guess he really felt some kind a Way to just let me go.

But whats done is done , I start my new journey this week , at a fabulous establishment , back to cooking fine dining , quality food , but most importantly I’m reunited with some of the greatest chefs I know .. Where I can continue to grow and flourish in my culinary career.

For those of you who read the entire thing please leave feedback Id love to hear your thoughts . Thank you bon appetit


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