1st night at work …

1st night on the new job went pretty well , got a little fimilar with the menu & by the end of the night I just started to get a groove. Hopefully I can hit the ground running tonight , no hesitations just smooth throughout the night. I believe we did about 50-60 last night the weekends are about 3x as much I believe I should be prepared by then.

The specials last night came off of my station (broiler/grill ), we had a soft shell crab appetizer & we had a spruced up chicken fried steak entree . For the soft shell , we did a light breading and deep fried it , served it on top of a Bundle of manakintowne greens in house vinaigrette, drizzle the plate with a blueberry gastrique and garnished with a apple – fennel jam . The plate looked very good , and they flew out the window all night.

And for the chicken fried steak ( something to this day that I have never ate) we took perfectly pounded sirloin , breaded and fried , whipped potatoes , sautéed baby spinach, seasonal vegetables , and a redeye gravy. The redeye gravy was something I never had before , but it was very tasty. When chef told me that it was finished with coffee grinds , I couldn’t think how it would taste, but surprisingly it all came together.


One of the prep projects I made tonight was the potato -kohlrabi gratin (grat-in not gra-tan ) . I thinly sliced the veg on a mandolin tossed in cream and other secret items , and layered in a hotel pans , topped with cheese and baked until golden brown. We serve the gratins on the fillet & the sirloin entrees.

But all in all I’m definilty in a great place , the staff is very inviting , all the cooks are helpful, and I couldn’t ask for a better team of chefs to work for . Tonight we have a wine dinner ,( a dinner consisted of many courses each paired with a different wine ) I’m not sure how many reservations we have but I’m sure it will be a busy night .

Thanks for reading ,
Bon appetit !

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