Chefs & pedicures

Soooo I’ma bring up a subject that I’ve found funny for the last couple of years . So I work in the culinary field in a high volume kitchen and I work from 8-10 hours a day 5-6 days a week on my feet the entire time . The only time I sit down .., is maybe using the restroom lol .. But uhh .. A while back I started getting pedicures ( getting your feet and legs massaged and cleaned and taken care of ) and ive always caught crap from other (mostly male ) cooks/chefs .. But I could care less lol. If working long hours on my feet and wanting to take care of them makes me ” gay ” call me sir Elton John .. But to all you chefs out there who have never tried it .. I’m tellin you , it’ ll change your life and give u a boost in the kitchen


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