Cookin dinner after a farmers market score :fresh beets !

Went to the Williamsburg farmers market this morning, went to support the apprentices plus get some fresh corn. Little did I know , it was too early to get fresh corn . So instead I picked up some organic goat cheeses and some fresh beets.

So after working brunch at the restaurant I came home and began to cook for the family . I stopped by the store and picked up some bone in pork chops. To start the meal I first clipped the beets from the stalks and roasted them with garlic and olive oil . Next I sautéed the best greens in some olive oil and white wine . I took some of the roasted beets and made a vibrant beet purée and I took the rest of the beets and small diced them . To finish the plate I took my pork chops , dreaded them in season flour And pan friend them to a very tasty medium. I fired some chicken livers for a pot of dirty rice for the starch for the plate The meal came out very good the family loved it … Mission complete









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