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Our inaugural … Fresca Friday

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On those Friday nights on the line where red bull , Gatorade , and even water won’t do the trick….. We turn to …. FRESCA !!!!



Sauce work ….

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Here’s an article I found to give a little insight on the subject :

In plain terms, a gastrique is a sweet-and-sour sauce at its simplest. You caramelize sugar (or sometimes honey), combine it with equal parts vinegar, and reduce it slightly to make a tart, slightly thickened syrup.

Let it be said that some gastriques might not be the kind of sauce you want to lick straight off the spoon. (Well, maybe once or twice.) Although caramelizing the sugar and cooking down the vinegar will take the straightforward sweetness and tartness down a notch to a more savory level, gastriques can pack quite a punch. Depending on the flavorings used, they can go with everything from delicate fish and desserts to more robust foods like meat in combination with richer, fattier elements like a pan sauce.

Flavoring a Gastrique
Since the flavor base comes from the simple combination of the sugar and vinegar, your first bet for customizing the flavor is to choose your vinegar. Seem like small potatoes? Think of the spicy, sharp flavor of cider vinegar, versus the fruity raspberry flavor of a red wine version, then imagine trying to incorporate one into your dish. The list goes on: Balsamic, sherry, white wine and champagne will each enhance certain other foods and flavors.

Can’t wait for some fresh corn and watermelon !

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Spice up your life …

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Sights from the wine dinner ….

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So for those of you not familiar with the term “wine dinner”et me explain it to you a little. A wine dinner is an montly / annual event held at restaurant where the guest enjoy of meal of playfull culinary genius with each course paired perfectly with a select wine. Most of the time the cost is a flat price for everything , usually price very affordably for as many courses your getting with the wine included. Wine dinners are great ways for restaurants to build a loyal following , for example the restaurant I work at has ours on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, so every month popularity grows and the Restaurant Will have more business. Here are a few pics from our latest event Bon appetit !!















Cookin dinner after a farmers market score :fresh beets !

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Went to the Williamsburg farmers market this morning, went to support the apprentices plus get some fresh corn. Little did I know , it was too early to get fresh corn . So instead I picked up some organic goat cheeses and some fresh beets.

So after working brunch at the restaurant I came home and began to cook for the family . I stopped by the store and picked up some bone in pork chops. To start the meal I first clipped the beets from the stalks and roasted them with garlic and olive oil . Next I sautéed the best greens in some olive oil and white wine . I took some of the roasted beets and made a vibrant beet purée and I took the rest of the beets and small diced them . To finish the plate I took my pork chops , dreaded them in season flour And pan friend them to a very tasty medium. I fired some chicken livers for a pot of dirty rice for the starch for the plate The meal came out very good the family loved it … Mission complete









Move over Lays ….

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Mise for our fresh potato chips

Drain h2o from the chips before frying


Release the chips over the fryer making sure that don’t stick to each other


Stir the chips do they don’t stick


Let the chips drain off the oil


Add your top secret seasoning and Then let ur adoring fans rejoice ! Bon appetit !!